Find Beautiful hand sculpted art -unique fiber art.

Design to fill that empty space in your home with beautiful soft textured art, all the way to your next favorite fashion bag!!Everything is handmade with passion and loveThank you for being a valuable part of my shop I appreciate your business and your support Thanks to wonderful customers like you I can make my dream a reality and share it with the world! I Hope my shop has wowed you and Inspire you to create and decorate your walls with love and wonderful art piece If you don’t see something you want please send me a message and we can get your perfect decor started! 

  • Simple color art

    Handmade macrame ocean art, featuring 3 jellyfish and one angel fish in the center all held up by a natural piece of driftwood.

  • Vivid color ocean art

    Beautiful, bright ocean Art
    ocean art with bold color featuring a beautiful manta ray, gracing along barrier reef with a small octopus at the bottom.

  • Macrame woodland

    Beautiful Macrame Woodland art.
    This piece is made using macrame and crochet.
    Features a macrame snail with 6 crochet mushroom and macrame ferns and other greenery’s.